Thursday, 10 May 2012

Sharky and George

After only catching three months in the whole of April, the warm weather on Tuesday gave me hope of finally catching some new species. An iron prominent, nut-tree tussock and red twin-spot carpet were all potted before I left the trap for the night, hoping for lots more goodies in the morning. Unfortunately the weather had other ideas, and when I checked the trap in the morning it was both very wet, and empty. On the sheet to the side though was one odd looking moth, which I quickly stuck in a pot. A brief check in the book later and it was clear I had some sort of Shark, and even better, the time of year and patterning made it look good for the much rarer Chamomile Shark, only recorded 23 times before in Bedfordshire! Photos were duly taken and sent off to the county recorder, and confirmation soon followed, result! Chamomile Shark Chamomile Shark

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